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Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016: Fire at Wil

Review by CJ

Fire at Wil (2016)

Wil Anderson is back for his 21st year performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This year Anderson discusses politics, racism in sport and the media, and modern innovation while infusing his unique style of segues, anecdotes and dick jokes.

I have been attending the MICF for about 10 years and every time I choose who to see, Wil Anderson is an absolute must. Every year, I have laughed so hard at Anderson’s shows that tears stream down my face at least once throughout the set. Fire at Wil is no exception.

High energy, no holds barred and hilarious, Fire at Wil encapsulates everything for which the Victorian comedian has come to be known. From lamenting the loss of comedy goldmine Tony Abbott as Prime Minister to discussing the difficulties in making a good cheese toastie at the airport, Anderson had the crowd laughing at all the right times. (And even some unexpected ones as is the joy of seeing a preview show.)

Anderson is playing at the Comedy Theatre which is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Melbourne theatres in terms of comfort. Shows run until 17 April 2016. If you enjoy a good laugh at a diverse and clever range of material, I strongly recommend checking out Fire at Wil.

5 Stars

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