Murder in the First (1995)

Review by CJ

Murder in the First

Marc Rocco

Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman, William H. Macy

Other notable appearances:
Brad Dourif, Stephen Tobolowsky

Running time:
122 minutes

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A Few Good Men, Philadelphia


“This film is inspired by a true story.”

Henri Young (Bacon) was sent to prison for stealing five dollars from a post office. He was sent to Alcatraz prison. He tried to escape.

As punishment for the failed escape attempt, Henri is sent to solitary confinement. The hole. The dungeon. Henri is beaten and only allowed one thirty-minute period outside over the entire three-year   period he spends in solitary confinement. During this time he is crippled – physically and emotionally.

Once Henri is released back into the general population as a broken man, he snaps and stabs another inmate to death with a spoon. That the other inmate was involved in the escape attempt but informed thus escaping solitary confinement is of no concern to the system that immediately tries Henri for murder in the first degree. A crime punishable by death.

Young lawyer James Stamphill (Slater) is given the case. His boss feels it is a no-win case and that it should be easy for the rookie. However, James sees something in Henri. A petty-thief who became a cold-blooded killer doesn’t sit well with James. Once he investigates the circumstances of Henri’s incarceration, James realises Henri was just the weapon. Alcatraz was the murderer.

I am flabbergasted as to why Kevin Bacon did not win an Oscar for this role. Not even nominated! His performance of the shattered Henri Young was soulful, deep, and believable. Even down to developing minute nervous tics and eccentricities, Bacon nailed it.

Gary Oldman was marvellous as the sadistic assistant warden. Even 20 years ago, Oldman was giving outstanding performances in a variety of roles.

The story itself is a compelling courtroom drama with a predictable plot and decent dialogue. Would Murder in the First have been as interesting if it were set in any other prison? Probably not. There is something about Alcatraz that continues to enthral and intrigue people to this day.

If you like courtroom dramas; are intrigued by Alcatraz; or are a hardcore fan or Bacon, Oldman or Slater, you will want to keep an eye out for Murder in the First.

Rating: 3/5

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